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I am an independent wealth management advisor who provides practical financial advice to Physicians, Business owners and Retirees with a minimum of $200,000 in investible assets. I also specialize in group Insurance plans and both Life and Critical Illness Insurance for Quebecers and people residing in Ontario.

To better serve my clients, I recently reduced my practice by more than half. However, I still maintain over 150 clients with $30,000,000 in assets under management. My territory includes Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

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About Us

I have been married for 33 years and have two adult children. One son is a practicing psychiatrist in New York and the other is working in the insurance industry.

I graduated McGill in 1983 and as a hobby, wrote a bowling column for three different Montreal newspapers. I had a management position in retail, before embarking on a career in the financial service industry over twenty-three years ago.

I enjoy ball hockey, golf, bowling, and tennis.. I am very competitive in everything I do, be it for my family, my friends or my clients. My greatest pleasure is in helping my clients understand their financial situation and what it will take for them to achieve their goals. This knowledge provides them with sufficient confidence that they do not let market fluctuations derail their plans. In fact, they have grown to view market declines as an opportunity to “buy low and sell high.” My greatest achievement is the referrals I receive from my clients, as it represents their confidence, trust and appreciation of a job well done.

What We Do

Our role as an advisor is to protect our clients’ assets, health and families, from things such as inflation, volatility, illness, longevity (outliving their money) and untimely death. Through an introductory meeting, we focus on listening to our clients concerns. W determine their goals and acquire an accurate picture of their financial status.

Once content that we are all on the same page, our priority is to educate our clients, provide them with financial options, help them to prioritize their financial goals and present a comprehensive plan for achieving success. This is followed by the implementation of one or more financial solutions which are designed to ensure that their dreams for their children, spouse, business, practice and retirement are achieved.

Finally, we monitor new product offerings and make sure we keep abreast of changes in both the market and legislation, as they could significantly impact the best laid plans. Monitoring one’s performance through “on-line” account access, taking advantage of annual reviews and “re-balancing”, are important ways we can ensure our plan is properly maintained.


Since no-one can be an expert in everything, we have surrounded ourselves with several accomplished professionals in the fields of accounting, law, banking and mortgages. If I can use a sporting analogy, I view my clients as the “star players”. My role, as the “general manager” of the team, is to surround my stars with players who will both protect them from harm, while enabling them to shine.

An example of the type of associates I keep is Lorne Schecter, of LES Financial Services. Lorne has over 26 years of experience as a life insurance broker and is servicing an astounding 4000+ physicians throughout North America. Lorne is clearly one of the largest and most respected Disability Insurance specialists in Canada, helping professionals, business owners and lay people, protect their incomes and their futures.

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Howard Yancovitch B.A.
Independent Advisor
Financial Security Advisor
Advisor in group insurance
and group-annuity plans
Mutual Fund Representative with
Investia Financial Services Inc.
Belinda Amaral
Administrative Assistant